Our philosophy

Our passion is to design user-friendly an unique apps for iOS-products. It starts with conception and design and ends with programming and marketing. Since we are continuously developing our products, we are grateful for any feedback we get from our users (support@onetwoapps.com

We look forward to receiving questions and suggestions sent to us via the app. We are grateful for every e-mail we receive. The advantage is that we can immediately see the device (iPad/iPhone/iTouch), the iOS firmware and the software version. We make an effort to respond to all e-mails in person as quickly as possible. 


If there are any problems, please don't just write a bad review full of questions. As we cannot read all reviews, we won't receive your questions this way. A further problem is that we cannot react to a bad review. Many misunderstandings can be avoided by clarifying things per e-mail.


Unfortunately, we currently do not support Android and Windows Phone. 


2016-10-01 : Our new iMessage stickers are online!

With the new operating system iOs 10, users are now for the first time able to garnish their iMessage-messages with animated pictures and stickers.



The installed iMessager-apps can be found next to the input field in the chat. Next to the buttons which have already existed before (arrow to the right), the App Store button will be visible. This is where the apps are hiding. In order to install them, you need to tap the four dots on the bottom on the left side first of all and then the desired app icon can be selected. To install further iMessager apps, tap the “+ Store” symbol and the iMessager-store will open. Select "categories"on top and search for "onetwoapps". After that, all available packets will be displayed. Here you can find out more about our stickers.

2016-09-28 : My Budget Book Pro Edition 1.0

You think this app is helpful? Then please write a review or recommend the app to a friend.

We developed the app „My Budget Book“ further and released a new free pro version „My Budget Book Pro Edition“. With this free version you can only create 16 entries per month and you cannot use any export functions (Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF). These limitations can be removed permanently via In App Purchase (2,99 USD).



It has a multitude of new functions. Additionally, the interface was restructured. Thereby, it can now be operated more intuitively and working with it is fun. New entries can be made quickly via self-defined hotkeys. For everyday expenditures you only need 3 clicks (e.g. purchasing a newspaper, buying a ticket, ordering a pizza, …). There is no quicker way to cover your expenditures. Convince yourself of the improved performance and just have a look at the app. Of course, both versions will be developed further. You can add the old backups to the pro version at any time. Further information here.

Enjoy the new version.

2016-08-28 : My Budget Book 4.7.3

This update includes minor stability and performance improvements. A few mistakes were fixed and accommodations to iOS10 were carried out in addition. 

2016-05-10 : My Budget Book 4.7.2

This update includes stability improvements and bug fixes. 

2016-02-10 : My Budget Book 4.7.1

The new feature in version 4.7 will be adjustable in version 4.7.1.

2016-01-28 : My Budget Book 4.7

The update of the app “My Budget Book” improves stability and performance and supports the iPad function Slide Over. As mentioned already we have also included the CSV import for further banks. Further information here.

2016-01-21 : New packages

We offer our apps in three different packages. Depending on the package you can save up to 50 %.

 OneTwoApps Bundle 3 (Now just $0,99)

➤ My contacts for WhatsApp, email, SMS, telephone (iPhone/iPad) ($0,99)

➤ My 365 days (iPhone/iPad) ($0,99)

OneTwoApps Bundle 4 (Now just $3,99)

➤ My Budget Book (iPhone/iPad) ($1,99)

➤ My Money 2016 by OneTwoApps (iPhone($1,99)

➤ My contacts for WhatsApp, email, SMS, telephone (iPhone/iPad) ($0,99)  

➤ My 365 days (iPhone/iPad) ($0,99)

OneTwoApps Bundle 5 (Now just $2,99)

➤ My Budget Book (iPhone/iPad) ($1,99)

➤ My Money 2016 HD by OneTwoApps (iPad($0,99)

➤ My contacts (iPhone/iPad) ($0,99)

➤ My 365 days (iPhone/iPad) ($0,99)


2016-01-10 : My 365 days 1.5 & My Contacts for WhatsApp,Email,SMS,Phone 1.5

In 2016, we want to improve both apps “My 365 days” and “My Contacts” and improve stability.

2016-01-03: My Money 2016 HD by OneTwoApps 1.0

Also in the new year we are going to release an update for the popular app “My Money Geld 2016 for iPhone”. As the name suggests, the app is up-to-date and it will be further developed in the future. In addition to the iPhone version, we have decided to release a new iPad version: “My Money 2016 for iPad”. It can be purchased separately in the AppStore. The new iPad app already includes the new iOS 9 features “Slide Over” and “Split View”.

2015-12-24 : Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Also in the new year we are going to further develop all our apps and remove existing errors. 

2015-11-06 : My Budget Book 4.6, My Money 2016 1.1, My 365 days 1.2, My Contacts for WhatsApp,Email,SMS,Phone 1.3

We have provided a new feature via update which are very convenient. One can now call up Quick Actions via 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 62 Plus (iOs9) to select commands directly.


Through this, new bookings for expenses, earnings and transfers can be set up directly in the app My Budget Book and My Money 2016.


You can set up new events or select different aspects directly via the app My 365 Days.


You can directly jump to the selection Telephone, WhatsApp, Messages or Email via the app My Contacts.


A few mistakes were fixed and accommodations to iOS9 were carried out in addition.


2015-08-25 : My Budget Book 4.5.2

The new update 4.5.1 has just been released. Here you can find out more about the release.


The following issues have been removed:

  • The display on the iPhone4/4s has been adjusted/optimized.
  • The calendar and the calculator were not displayed correctly on the iPad2.
  • The graphics for ‘balance’ and ‘watch’ on the statement of account have been replaced by more significant graphics.
  • The sorting of ‘balance’ and ‘watch’ on the statement of account is now inserted correctly.
  • A failure on the dialogue ‘Advanced Settings’ has been resolved, which would cause a crash of the software.
  • You can now generate booking criteria (categories, method of payment, persons, groups) on the booking entry again.
  • Smaller corrections and improvements
  • New iTunes descriptions and new iTunes pictures (German)

2015-08-19 : My Budget Book 4.5.1

The new update 4.5.1 has just been released. Click here to find out more about the resolved issues.


The following issues have been addressed:

  • A bug where the calendar wasn’t being displayed correctly in high definition on the iPhone.
  • An issue where the transaction options “Clear entry” and “Watch” have been switched. 

We're working on further features... We would appreciate suggestions for improvement.

2015-08-10 : My Budget Book 4.5

The new update 4.5 has just been released. If you wish to learn more about the latest version's new features, please click here.


We decided to design the icon more modern and to adjust the handling to new devices. The icon possesses the same main features as the old successful icon (bar chart, categories, book). You can receive detailed information about the release here.

2015-07-13 : My Money: Personal finance management, budget plan, bills and expense tracking 1.0.7

The new update 1.0.7 has just been released. If you wish to learn more about the latest version's new features, please click here.

2015-07-12 : My Budget Book 4.4.2

The new update 4.4.2 has just been released.


The following improvements have been implemented:

  • Unfortunately we have to reset your password. You can reassign a new password in the settings.
  • Minor bug fixes & enhancements

2015-07-01 : My Budget Book 4.4.1

The new update 4.4.1 has just been released.


The following improvements have been implemented:

  • When administrating the categories “favorites” will no longer show the entries from reoccurring bookings, since these categories (in most cases) will no longer be used as single-bookings. The display will now show the most frequent categories of the single-bookings.
  • If a CSV-file is detected within an email you can save the file within the App and start the import process manually. Simply press the attachment (CSV-file) a little longer until a dialog opens. Here you can decide which App is supposed to process the attachment. Now chose the App “Mein Haushaltsbuch”. Subsequently the App opens and will switch instantly to the CSV-import dialog. You can import the file if the format-settings are correct.
  • Within the program all scans have been designed in a way, that the buttons (Yes, No) are shown at the bottom of the screen (iPhone-version). This is useful in bigger screens because the buttons are now easier to reach.

2015-07-01 : My contacts for WhatsApp, email, SMS, ... & My 365 days

The new updates are now available and eradicate smaller errors. Furthermore we have changed the Apps-Icons. Enjoy.

2015-02-05 : App Store Placement

The highest placement of “My Budget Book” was rank 1 (all categories/February 2015) in Costa Rica and rank 2 (all categories/march 2012) in Germany. Furthermore this App was rank 1 in the following countries: Austria, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Mali, Malta, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates.

2015-01-25 : New packages

We have bundled our Apps into three different packages. Depending on the bundle you can save up to 40%.

OneTwoApps Bundle 1

➤ My Money 2016 by OneTwoApps (iPhone; working since iOS7)

➤ My contacts for WhatsApp, email, SMS, telephone (iPhone/iPad; working since iOS8)

➤ My 365 days (iPhone/iPad; working since iOS7)

OneTwoApps Bundle 2

➤ My Money 2016 by OneTwoApps (iPhone; working since iOS7)

➤ My contacts for WhatsApp, email, SMS, telephone (iPhone/iPad; working since iOS8)

➤ My 365 days (iPhone/iPad; working since iOS7)

OneTwoApps Bundle 3

➤ My contacts for WhatsApp, email, SMS, telephone (iPhone/iPad; working since iOS8)

➤ My 365 days (iPhone/iPad; working since iOS7)

2015-01-27 : My contacts for WhatsApp, email, SMS, telephone

Our new app "My Contacts" is now available in the AppStore.

If things have to move quickly... You know the situation: you have to give somebody a call or send a text message very quickly, but searching for the contact information costs a lot of time. It is exactly in these situations, in which the app "My Contacts" is a great aid. The only thing you have to do is install the app and take a few minutes to complete the configuration. You´ll see how fast you can give somebody a call or send a message to a person in different ways. Entering contacts is facilitated by a clear user interface.

2015-01-27 : My 365 days

This update 1.1.2 contains minor improvements.

The new updates are now available and eradicate smaller errors. Furthermore we have changed the Apps-Icons. Enjoy.

2014-12-13 : My Budget Book 4.4

Our new app "My Budget Book" is now available in the AppStore.

This is what we have implemented for you in the current version:

  • Optimized for iPhone6 (Plus) and iOS8
  • TouchID support
  • The app features several widgets for quick entry and data presentation. In terms of data protection, no absolute values (incomes/expenses) will be displayed.
  • Division of bookings into freely configurable main and sub-categories, payment methods, people and groups
  • Configurable data export to output formats: Excel/Numbers, CSV, PDF and HTML
  • Import of your account statements from CSV file (Please note the remark)
  • Register single and recurrent budgets for adjustable time periods, accounts, payment methods, categories, people and groups for incomes, expenses and rebookings
  • Enhanced flexibility of budgeting tool
  • Print all your data directly from the app via AirPrint
  • Enhanced design (new menues, flat design…)
  • For improved communication, a new feedback dialogue has been introduced.
  • We renounce In App Purchases - all tools are now freely available.
  • iOS bug fixes

2014-12-09 : Remind me again 1.1

Our new app "Remind Me Again" is now available in the AppStore.

The following new features have been added to the current version 1.1:

  • WhatsApp-integration
  • New view "calendar"
  • TouchID support
  • Integrated web browser
  • Application of interactive notifications
  • Widgets (iOS 8 and later)
  • Optimized for iPhone6 (Plus) and iOS8
  • iOS bug fixes
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 6.8 MB

2014-10-26 : connect App Awards 2014

The app "My Budget Book" was awarded 3rd place in the category "finance & business" of the connect App Awards 2014.

connect is europe's biggest magazine for telecommunication.

2014-10-16 : Remind Me Again 1.0

Our new app "Remind Me Again" is now available in the AppStore.

With Remind Me Again, any important event (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, …) can be defined and provided with a previously defined e-mail, text message, telephone number, website address or intern notification. When the due date has passed, you will receive a message so that you can send the previously defined e-mail or text message with one click. Alternatively, the telephone number is dialled or the website accessed. These events may be created periodically or only once. The app is completed with a display of all events and shows the remaining days until the due date nicely. With its modern interface and simple operation, this app is a perfect companion and a great addition to you daily life. Invest just 30 minutes of your time and you will never forget sending birthday or holiday wishes again.

Support for the development

We would be pleased, if you support us (voluntary) with a fair and just assessment in the app store


A complex and expensive development only makes sense, if every user and not only the user with a negative attitude will evaluate the app. Unfortunately we receive some bad assessments, only because the icon may not be liked, or because of operating errors, or because of missing functions i never promised in this app. Even the smallest faults, misunderstood functions, or failures are evaluated with only one star ( which means a bad assessment).


After each release every user should or can leave a feedback in the app store, To support the further development we would be pleased for every fair assessment. Of course all errors will be fixed in the future and updates are provided free of charge. 

Thank you. 

Language Support

We would like to provide our app in additional languages. Should you have time and be interested, we would be happy if you translated our resource file (Excel) and the iTunes description (Word) into any language. Please write an e-mail to support@onetwoapps.com, so that we can discuss the process. Thank you!

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