We present our new app

My Budget book Pro Edition

An accounts book should be clear and easy to use, otherwise you quickly grow tired of using it and lose sight of your financial situation. 


This app helps you stay on top of your income and expenses, making it easy to manage your money.  It is furthermore compatible with iOS 11 and was optimized for the 64 bit operating system.


  • Do you want an easy way to keep track of your income and expenses? 
  • Do you want to have a long-term overview of your accounts? 
  • Do you want to get meaningful statistics based on individually selected criteria?
  • Do you want to know where you are spending too much and where you can save money? 
  • Do you want to print data from the app or transfer it to other programmes (e.g. Excel, Numbers ...)? 
  • Do you want to import your bank data? 
  • Do you want to back-up your data securely in the Cloud? 
  • Do you want a simple, powerful and low-priced universal app? 

Then this app is exactly right for you. 

The new instruction is now available in german and english

Function overview

Test the app and the description. Very few financial apps are as comprehensive and intuitive as ours. Partially, you only need 3 clicks for data insertion. 

Manage your revenue and expenditure very quickly and conveniently.

Manage several accounts and execute transfers between these.

Support for recurring entries (weekly, monthly, etc.) and split entries.    

Easy-to-use calculator with built-in currency converter for the entry input (including online update and supporting 170 world currencies)

Division of the entries by means of freely configurable main categories and sub-categories, payment types, people and groups.

Add vouchers (pictures, receipts, invoices, etc.) to your entries.


Reminder function for due payments. Never miss to pay an invoice again!

Mark your entries as having been settled (or offset, paid, etc.).

Create documentation entries, which do not have any influence on the balance.

Use Quick Actions for a super fast data collection (three-click system).


Support for 3D Touch and Today Widget for a more convenient operation.

Manage one time or regular goals (budgets, savings goals) - Entries are automatically assigned.

There are different views supported (monthly and daily view - including transfer from the following months).

Management of freely definable templates for a fast recording of entries.

Extensive configuration options - Create your personal Budget Book.

Preview of the following months – Recognize potential savings and shortages months ahead.

Very convenient and powerful search function (including Search & Replace).

Versatile account statements and evaluations - Find out where your money has gone.

Keep track of your incomes and expenses outline through informative statistics, comparisons, charts and predictions.

Print all data (using AirPrint) directly from the app.

Export of the data for its post-processing in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, etc.

Create, print and send PDF / HTML reports.

Import of your account statements from a CSV or an Excel file. 

Easy-to-use currency converter (including online update and supporting 170 world currencies) including vacation print.

Secure your encrypted data in the iCloud.

Protect your data using a code and your fingerprint (requires Touch-ID/Face-ID) - including an entering delay.  

Change the system language within the app.

Use the rules assistant to automatically include booking criteria in your imported booking entries.

The correction assistant offers you the opportunity to send us detailed information and conduct data manipulation in case there are any problems occurring with the app.

We include an extensive manual in German and English.

This is only a small outline of what the app has to offer. Convince yourself and download the free version.