A housekeeping book cannot be easier. The surface is kept simple on purpose and provides all features you will need for the management and analysis of your finances. No more, no less.



THE PRICE. Compared to other apps the price is kept particularly low and the programme was designed as a universal app. This means you do not have to pay twice for the iPad and iPhone versions. In terms of functions this app is a match for any other more expensive app. Have a look at our features! We are continuously developing the app, always look forward to hearing your wishes and suggestions and will try to incorporate them. 

EASY TO USE. An accounts book should be clear and easy to use, otherwise you quickly grow tired of using it and lose sight of your financial situation. This app helps you stay on top of your income and expenses, making it easy to manage your money. Many comparable apps are overwhelming and too complicated. This app tries to do things in a simple and better way. 

THE STRUCTURE. Do not be deceived by the simple and elegant appearance. The display was deliberately kept simple, but contains all functions that you need to plan and manage your finances, including comprehensive graphs and reports. The overview display gives you control over all the necessary figures. There is no easier way to visualize your financial situation over the upcoming months. 

IT IS FUN. Get rewards for your discipline and see what expenses you can expect each month. Even without internet access you can quickly check all daily and recurring entries. Using this app is simply fun. 


➤ Simple and attractive appearance

➤ Optimized for iPhone6 (Plus) and iOS8

➤ One app for all devices - Without InApp purchase!

➤ Support for Touch-ID & Widget

➤ Easy handling

➤ Automatic completion of entries

➤ Account management and transfers

➤ Unlimited number of accounts

➤ Freely configurable categories, payment methods, persons and groups

➤ Easy creation of budgets

➤ Automatic repetitions for regular payments

➤ Preview of prospective months 

➤ Transferral of your balance to the next month

➤ Determine a varying financial month (e.g. start at 5th of a month) 

➤ Different views: account balance and monthly balance 

➤ Extensive user settings 

➤ Labelling of bookings (marked and cleared)

➤ Search- and filter function

➤ Extensive statistics and diagrams

➤ Local and iCloud backups (encrypted)

➤ Transfer of backups onto several devices 

➤ Export of data into CSV format for excel

➤ CSV-import of diverse banks and apps

➤ CSV-data acquisition via iTunes and via mail-attachment

➤ Create, print, and send PDF/HTML-reports

➤ Printing from the app via AirPrint possible

➤ Select from over 200 currencies 


In case of problems or errors please visit our homepage ( Here you will surely find help. In addition, you can observe the current status of advancement. We are continuously working on the app and of course also fixing bugs. Many of the requests and suggestions from our users are incorporated into various updates.


The app 'My Budget Book' was awarded 3rd place in the category 'finance & business' of the connect App Awards 2014. connect is europe's biggest magazine for telecommunication.


If you bank is not supported, please send us an e-mail containing the name of the bank and an example CSV file.  Please hide any personal information without changing the formatting of the file. You can find a current list of supported banks and apps on our homepage. 


Questions, criticism, or suggestions? Simply send us an email. You can leave us a message on our feedback page and to discuss with other users. We are pleased about every message and are glad to help.

On the homepage you find more information and videos about the app.