Battle Alliance

This a strategy game all about enemy troops trying to break through your defences at any cost. Choose a location, plan your strategy and lead your troops to victory. You alone decide how to use budget available to you – to buy new weapons or to improve and strengthen existing ones. A number of weapons systems (infantry, artillery, high-tech weapons, navy) are available to you. Since the enemy attacks with different kinds of units, it is essential to make the right choice and the right placement. However, make sure that you have only limited resources available and that the weapons systems have different characteristics. If the situation gets too tricky, you'll need air support. But be careful. The enemy has the same options as you! The intelligently designed maps and the wide selection of weapons open up a variety of tactical possibilities and countless hours of entertainment. All aspects of the game have been perfectly fine-tuned: the characteristics of your weapons, the units of enemy troops, the features of the terrain and the many surprises. There's never a dull moment. Are you up to the challenge? There are many tower defence strategy games, but Battle Alliance takes the genre to a new level. Your skills alone determine whether your nation sees victory or defeat. The game is called “Battle Alliance”



• Innovative offline strategy tower defence game. The right tactics are the key to success!

• Captivating gameplay for hours of action!

• 4 difficulty levels

• Over 80 specially designed maps in different environments (40 available as expansion map packs).

• 20 unique, upgradeable defence weapons (infantry, artillery, high-tech weapons, navy)

• 16 enemy units with different strengths and weaknesses.

• Fight back with airstrikes, mines and powerful high-tech weapons!

• Different types of environments (open terrain, fixed paths, strategic paths...)

• Bridges, mountains and beaches add new dimensions to the gameplay!

• Surprise attacks

• Beautiful detailed graphics

• Rankings and achievements (Game Center)

• Internet connection not required

• No ads. No in-app purchases required.


Recommended devices: iPhone & iPad with iOS 14


Important customer information: some images may show purchases within the app. This app uses Game Center from Apple. Log out of Game Center before you launch the app if you don't want to share your in-game actions with your friends.


All in-app purchases from Battle Alliance are completely optional and only consist of expansion maps. After purchasing the app, you can prove your mettle on a total of 40 maps in 2 campaigns. If you can't get enough, you can purchase another 2 campaigns with 20 additional maps as a one-time in-app purchase. Every campaign includes new weapons and new surprises. We will continue to provide further campaigns in the future. All maps are permanently playable and do not require any additional in-app purchases to win! We appreciate your support, so we would never force you to make purchases within the game.


Experience this unique strategy tower defence game that you can play offline, with no ads and no annoying in-app purchases. Control the battlefield with limitless strategies and a diverse range of upgradeable weapons!


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