My Budget Book Pro Edition

© Karin & Uwe Annas -
© Karin & Uwe Annas -

An accounts book should be clear and easy to use, otherwise you quickly grow tired of using it and lose sight of your financial situation. This app helps you stay on top of your income and expenses, making it easy to manage your money. Do you want an easy way to keep track of your income and expenses? Do you want to have a long-term overview of your accounts? Do you want to get meaningful statistics based on individually selected criteria (main and sub-categories, payment method, people and groups)? Do you want to know where you are spending too much and where you can save money? Do you want to print data from the app or transfer it to other programmes (e.g. Excel, Numbers ...)? Do you want to import your bank data? Do you want to back-up your data securely in the Cloud? Do you want a simple, powerful and low-priced universal app? Then this app is exactly right for you. 

© Karin & Uwe Annas -
© Karin & Uwe Annas -

Not many existing financial apps provide a comparable range of functions. Although the app comes with this wide range of functions it is still very intuitive to use. With the quick-entry symbols you have a powerful tool to make a booking with just 3 clicks. No application offers quicker data insertion. We work constantly to add missing functions and will provide updates regularly.With this free version you can only create 16 entries per month and you cannot use any export functions (Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF). These limitations can be removed permanently via In App Purchase (2,99 USD)This version is completely compatible, so that old backups can be transferred. Both versions will be taken care of and of course developed further. We would be happy if you accept this new app 'My Budget Book Pro Edition'.

If you experience any problems with the app, just send us an e-mail, instead of leaving a negative review. Unfortunately Apple does not allow us to answer questions made in a review. Most of the problems have been solved by answering your e-mails. You will receive as soon as possible a comprehensible response. If you read our reviews you will see that most of the users are enthused about the support.


2017-05-23 : New Version 3.0

Within this update we focused on the interface and on the export. The new settings are: “consider previous month” and “Consider future months”. Additional we distinguish between fix expenses like rent, power and insurance and variable expenses like cinema, grocery, newspaper and tickets. Resulting into the change and the unification of dialogs, export data and printouts. Besides numerous changes (like release plan), the statistics need to be highlighted. This dialog was completely changed to show exactly where the money was used for. 


We would very well appreciate if you enjoyed this version, stay with us as users and rate the app in the AppStore. The improvement and the maintenance of the app can only happen if it is accepted and if the fake, untrue ratings vanish. If you experience problems with the app, please do not give the app a negative rating immediately but contact us ( Unfortunately, we cannot read all reviews from across the globe. The problem is not solved this way.

2017-02-06 : New Version 2.0

This update further improves the application. Not many existing financial apps provide a comparable range of functions. Although the app comes with this wide range of functions it is still very intuitive to use. With the quick-entry symbols you have a powerful tool to make a booking with just 3 clicks. No application offers quicker data insertion. We work constantly to add missing functions and will provide updates regularly. Here you can find out more about the release.

The new update focuses onto the following topics:

  • Import of CSV files
  • Adaptions to iOS10.x
  • Everything regarding 'search & replace' of entries
  • Improvement of the functions: reportings & bank statements
  • Editing of recurring entries    
  • Data correction and data reassessment
  • Small design adaptations
  • Customer wishes 

More information is available through our app. The application contains the following topics:

  • Current version
  • Future version
  • All versions
  • Release plan
  • Current issues
  • Frequently asked question
  • Instruction 

Galerie (iPhone)

Version 3.0


Terrific tool for the planning and monitoring of my finances. Very easy to handle but still a powerful tool, which also can serve professional demands. The developer performed masterly.

Great praise to the developer, great support. Significant better than the competition (which I tried). Very well structured, especially the annual overview and the settings are great. I installed the app on my IPad and on my phone. The app is worth the money. Kind regards    

I am using the app every day to keep an eye on the situation of my finances and my budget.

The app is magnificent for this job. Well structured and with countless possibilities.

I can highly recommend this app, I was not disappointed. Keep going!!

Outstanding app, which is serving all my wishes. Fast support in case of questions. Thank you!

It took me some time to get used to the app. The app is quite extensive, but still quite easy to understand. Exactly what I was looking for.

Galerie (iPad)

Version 3.0


The App is aimed to support many banks as much as possible. Please contact us by email  if your bank is not supported. Due to the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) migration the CSV datas could have been changed.
As we don’t receive the CSV datas automatically by the banks, we are depending on the users. If you may provide the required informations, we will install the CSV-import.
Your email should include the following informations:
- bank sort code and the name of the bank
- exported CSV data from your online banking
Very important: Please make personal datas or information unrecognizable, such as account numbers, posting amount and names, but without changing the structure and the formatting. 


We would be pleased, if you support us (voluntary) with a fair and just assessment in the app store


A complex and expensive development only makes sense, if every user and not only the user with a negative attitude will evaluate the app. Unfortunately we receive some bad assessments, only because the icon may not be liked, or because of operating errors, or because of missing functions i never promised in this app. Even the smallest faults, misunderstood functions, or failures are evaluated with only one star ( which means a bad assessment).


We make a great effort to implement many customer wishes and to offer technical support. Since 3 years we develop the app continuously, and offer new versions free of charge  to regular customers. These free of charge updates are financed by new sales, and we renounce  in app purchases or subscription services.  


After each release every user should or can leave a feedback in the app store, To support the further development we would be pleased for every fair assessment. Of course all errors will be fixed in the future and updates are provided free of charge. 


Thank you. 


We would like to feature more languages in the app. If you have interest and time to contribute, we would highly appreciate your translation of our resource file (Excel) and the iTunes description (Word) to any language. Simply leave us a message at so we can discuss the process. Thank you very much!


Do you have any questions, suggestions or criticism? Please send us an e-mail. On our feedback page you have the possibility to leave a message, or to discuss with other users. We are pleased about any message, we are at hand to help.