Version 1.0

(October 2016)

The following functions will be installed and will be offered as update for free:

  • This app can now be downloaded for free in the AppStore. In the free version, up to 16 entries per month can be entered. This limitation can be lifted through in-app purchases. Some functions are locked in the free version.
  • Now, quick-entry symbols exist for acceleration of entry creation. Define your daily revenues and expenditures in the settings and create entries with just 3 clicks.
  • For entry creation, further possibilities have been implemented for faster creation. More templates are available now.
  • In addition tot he CSV import you can now use Excel import. You can now use the template from the app and edit it with Excel.
  • You have the possbility to change the system’s language (German and English).
  • During entry creation, you can set two reminders. As soon as the date approaches the device will remind you automatically (optional setting).
  • Now, you will be reminded if you have not created an entry for an extended period (optional setting).
  • For specific activities (creating entries, sending mails, reading out error messages, print, …) sounds can be activated (optional setting).
  • We have included a new entry type 'documentation entry'. This type of entry is only displayed but not considered in computations.
  • In the settings you can (de-)activate the widget.
  • We have implemented a new, complex search dialogue. You can search, change, or delete your entries more effective.
  • In addition to the new search dialogue, there is another dialogue with pre-defined search operations (e.g. entries without category, pending entries, singular entries, …).
  • In the account settings, one can set standard values for every account (entry criteria, note, documentation entry, cleared). For a newly created entry, these values are used as a template.
  • In the account settings, a standard account can be set. In the new version this account is pre-determined.
  • In the account settings, specific accounts can be (de-)activated and listed according to priorities.
  • When creating entries, date and account can be derived from previous entries.
  • Receipts (photos, vouchers,…) can be added to new entries.
  • Daily recurring entries and budgets can be created.
  • In the entry list, subsequent templates can be derived from entries and entries can be transferred (expenditure > revenue, revenue > expenditure).
  • You can use any entry as a search criterion in the entry list.
  • You can now define templates for transfers.
  • In category management, single categories can be transformed (main category & sub-category).
  • In budget management, the display can be adjusted via three filters (all, active, inactive). Entries can be transformed according to priorities.
  • You can set a login delay to prevent entering the PIN code upon every login.
  • New dialogues have been implemented in the settings (database statistics, more apps, licenses, versions / release notes).
  • During data export (Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF), you can choose time and account for entry definition.

Version 1.1

(November 2016)

The following functions will be installed and will be offered as update for free:

  • Data transfer via encrypted back files from the app 'My Budget Book' is fixed.
  • A new option enables the settlement only of cleared entries.
  • We have expanded the CSV import and support more apps (iXpenseIt + Einkommen, My Budget 2, Meine Finanzen).
  • More actions are provided, which can be executed upon programme start (e.g. create an expenditure).
  • The PIN protection delay comes with new options.

Version 1.1.1

(November 2016)

The following functions will be installed and will be offered as update for free:

  • You can create recurring entries in the main dialogues again. In the administration (settings), no problems occurred (bug fix).
  • Payment types can be created and changed again (bug fix).
  • In some dialogues keyboard navigation was flawed (bug fix).
  • In the overview, menu function 'advanced search' could not be retrieved (bug fix).
  • 31st of October is being displayed properly on iPads (bug fix).
  • Quick-entries were deleted if the respective single entry was deleted (bug fix)
  • A direct access to the app rating (AppStore) is back. Please use this feature to promote (free) development. Nobody is helped if the app is rated one star although it is used. We do not appreciate comments that use terms such as 'rip-off', 'criminals', 'costs money'. Rather contact us beforehand to solve the problem. This app is a development from the app 'My Budget Book'. Of course, some functions are the same, but after 4 years of programming & maintenance & support, we had to re-program some things. This app has ca. 50 new features compared to the old app (which is still supported). Nobody is forced to switch apps. You can test the new app for free and decide whether to purchase the premium edition. This is not a rip-off and, most certainly, not criminal activity.

Version 1.1.2

(November 2016)

The following functions will be installed and will be offered as update for free:

  • You can now set up entries on the "Current" and "Overview" tabs (Bugfix)    

Version 2.0

(February 2017)

The following functions will be installed and will be offered as update for free:

  • At some points, data format was displayed incorrectly (bug fix).
  • The computation error in the analysis is fixed (bug fix).
  • Several security questions were introduced to prevent unintended deletion of data.
  • There are further options for the input of entries at the program start.
  • The display 'Current' also shows amounts from the current month, quarter, half year, and year.
  • We have made the processing of recurring orders and transfers easier. You can now easily edit, end, copy, split, convert, reverse, and delete such entries in the administration and entry lists. 
  • In the administration for entry criteria (categories, payment types, persons, and groups) entries are marked, which are used in entries and budgets.
  • In the adminsitration for entry criteria (categories, payment types, persons, and groups), not all used entries can be deleted. Only entries are used, which are also used in entries or budgets..
  • In the adminsitration for entry criteria (categories, payment types, persons, and groups) and accounts, you can go to 'Search' and 'Search and replace' immediately.
  • In the adminsitration for entry criteria (categories, payment types, persons, and groups) and accounts you can display correspondent entries.
  • The menu function 'Advanced Search' was optimised and contains pre-defined search criteria to quickly find and edit entries. You can also select the menu functions 'Search' and 'Search and edit' in order to define specific search criteria and to edit entries easily.
  • The menu function 'balance statements' (formerly 'last entries') was expanded: all entries can be viewed for specific time periods (ca. 40 variations). This give the possibility to reate balance statements very quickly. If you need a different time period, you can use the 'Search' function.
  • The menu function 'Analyses' was expanded with the options 'Highest expenditures', 'Highest revenues', 'Most expensive days', 'Most used categories', 'Most used payment types', 'most frequent persons', 'Most frequent groups'. The menu function 'Report' was renamed to 'Financial report' and 'Comparison' is now called 'Financial comparison'. Moreover, all analyses can be printed via AirPrint now.
  • We have implemented an edit assistant. (Options > Developer). Here, you can edit basic data with the support team. In case adjustments are needed you will receive one or more database commands, which have tob e copied and inserted here With this powerful tool we can react quickly and solve the problem. However, it is not possbile to read data (SELECT), but only add data (INSERT, CREATE), change data (UPDATE, ALTER), and delete data (DELETE, DROP). We are not liable for any commands, which have not been provided by us.
  • You can create anonymous data, which helps us to solve your problem.
  • We have expanded the CSV import.

Version 3.0

(May 2017)

The following functions will be installed and will be offered as update for free:

  • We have changed the display mode completely. Two new selection fields, “consider previous month” and "consider future month", are existing now. Both options replace the old selection fields: “All bookings”, “all bookings (up to date)”, “all bookings (until the month-end)” and “all bookings (until the end of the period)”. The current settings are visualised through a small notification on the lower right side (iPhone) or the upper left side (iPad).
  • The notification „current“ was reworked. The graphic got replaced by the notifications transfer, revenue, expenses (fix), expenses (variable) and sum. Generally we are now displaying the values within the period of time (month, quarter,….). Depending on the display mode (Consider previous month, consider future month) the transfer of the follow-month will be displayed as well. Another new feature is the split display of  fixed ( rent, power, insurance) and variable ( cinema, grocery, magazines) posts.  
  • The design of the „booking“ notification was reworked. The separated bookings are displayed more detailed. 
  • The design of the notification „statistic” was reworked completely. We are dividing generally between income and expenditure. The benefit is, that everything got a clearer structure.  
  • The design of the notification „budget” was reworked and is now matching the total layout of the app. A new menu point was integrated here as well in case an Entry is moved to the right or the left (see the topic “overview”). To gain a better overview, how long the budget is valid, the days that are left are displayed as well 
  • The right menu was extended with the commands „template” and “watch list”.
  • The budget administration provides all bookings per entrance.
  • If a single-budget gets changed within a recurring budget, the changes get marked within the budget administration.
  • Several changes within the settings were made. The navigation bar (upper right) was equipped with the command “support” to fasten up the process of receiving help. The system sounds can now be turned on or off. The dialog "In-App-Purchase" was redesigned. 
  • All export data (accounts, overview, booking, statistic, budget; html, excel, pdf) got overhauled. This naturally also applies to the printing.
  • Some details got improved as well as some errors got fixed.
  • The German and English language as improved and corrected. 
  • Our German and English instruction is currently under construction and can be seen within the setting option.

Version 4.0

(July 2017)

Following functions will be implemented in the future:

  • There is a problem if for example money is collected at an ATM. The bank statement is showing the transaction, but the money will most likely be used for several different things (Tickets, grocery, Newspaper, DVD, cinema…). We will support split bookings to ensure, that you can handle the expenses.  Within one booking several sub-bookings can be done that contain different values and different booking criteria.
  • If we want to support another bank or to apply changes to the system, we need to change our software and distribute the software through the app-store.  The process, done by apple, is protracted and not quite customer friendly. For this reason, we are going to provide a definition file that can be extended or changed any time.  As soon as the CSV-import-dialogue downloaded the definition file, the app can be used immodestly. This is similar to an antivirus software. No new software needs to be delivered.
  • To fasten up the process of booking and data maintenance, we are going to provide an adjustment-assistant. With this assistant, another possibility for your comfort is given.
  • We would like to implement a currency converter, so you can use the foreign currencies while being aboard.