In the new versions the following aspects were adjusted:


Unfortunately, not all data from the app 'My Budget Book' were transferred, i.e. single entries are not displayed in the entry list at the moment. This bug is now fixed.



  • Create a local backup in the app 'My Budget Book' and connect the device to the computer.
  • Open iTunes and click Apps on the left side (settings).
  • On the right side (apps), all shared apps are displayed in shared data.
  • After clicking on the app 'My Budget Book', you will see the current backup (*.MHC) in documents.
  • Save this file locally on your computer (button 'Save as') or drag & drop the file onto your desktop.
  • Click on the app 'My Budget Book Pro Edition' and add this file (button 'add') or drag & drop the backup file.
  • Finally, start the new app and import the file under settings/recovery. Done. 

Settle only cleared entries

If you wish to settle only cleared entries, activate this parameter in the options.

CSV import

Do you want to switch from another app? Do you wish to transfer your data? Some app/banks offer CSV export. In case the formatting oft he file has not changed, you can easily import the entries. The easiest way is to send yourself the file via email. Click the attachment (CSV file) so the iOS selection is shown. After choosing the the app and display of the import menu, you can choose the previously saved file and start importing.

At the moment, we support the following apps:

  • My Budget Book
  • All Budget
  • Finanzblick
  • Meine Ausgaben
  • Money Book
  • MoneyWiz
  • Outbank
  • Cost
  • PocketExpense
  • MoneyCouch
  • MoneyControl
  • Filki
  • iXpenseIt + Einkommen
  • My Budget 2 - Einnahmen und Ausgaben Verwaltung, Persönliche Finanzen, Budgetplanung, Rechnungen
  • Meine Finanzen - Persönliche Einnahmen und Ausgaben Verwaltung

In version 1.1, we support the following apps. iXpenseIt + Einkommen, My Budget 2 and Meine Finanzen.


Is an app missing on the list? What do you have to do? Tell us the name of the app and send us an exemplary file. This file should at least contain one revenue and one expenditure. If a converter is feasible, we will consider this with the next update and provide for free. It does not necessarily need to be an app or programme. Many banks also support the CSV format. We appreciate every file in order to make the app more flexible and enable anybody to switch apps.

Entries at programme startEntries at programme start

At programme start you can define which action shall be executed (e.g. create expenditure). We have added additional options.

Pin protection delay

Shorter PIN protection delays than 30 seconds are now available

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Also in the future, the app will be maintained and updated to all new features of the operating system.