Our philosophy

Our passion is to design user-friendly an unique apps for iOS-products. It starts with conception and design and ends with programming and marketing. Since we are continuously developing our products, we are grateful for any feedback we get from our users (support@onetwoapps.com

We look forward to receiving questions and suggestions sent to us via the app. We are grateful for every e-mail we receive. The advantage is that we can immediately see the device (iPad/iPhone/iTouch), the iOS firmware and the software version. We make an effort to respond to all e-mails in person as quickly as possible. 


If there are any problems, please don't just write a bad review full of questions. As we cannot read all reviews, we won't receive your questions this way. A further problem is that we cannot react to a bad review. Many misunderstandings can be avoided by clarifying things per e-mail.


Do you already know the Pro-Version? This app provides numerously new functions and provides advantages with the collection and evaluation of data.  For example, you only need three clicks to make a new entry, by using the icons you defined beforehand. Use the integrated currency converter with the daily updated exchange rates when travelling. Split entries let you to divide a singular entry into different partial entries to refine your statistics. Do you want to save money for a new car or a vacation? Then use savings goals, so you can easily see how much money you have ve already saved. Compare your incomes and expenses over a longer period of time, and reveal how your buying behavior has changed. There are not many financial apps this extensive and easy to use. Convince yourself, and test this app for free. Through one-time and fair in-app purchases, you can make customized unlocks.


Unfortunately, we currently do not support Android and Windows Phone. 


2018-02-18 : My Budget Book Pro Edition 6.0

We are glad to release the biggest update so far. We have installed a lot of new features and improved stability. After two years of development and support, we decided to unlock some new features through a one-time in-app purchase to ensure the further development of this great app. If you do not need the new extensions, you will still benefit from the bug fixes and new free features every time you update.

One of the main features are the so-called split entries. Thanks to this feature, a singular entry (i.e. ATM, 100EUR) can be divided into different partial entries (i.e. Gift/10EUR, Bus/5EUR, Restaurant/35EUR, Food/50EUR). This provides you a better outline, as well as it refines your statistics.

Additionally, an easy-to-use currency converter has been installed for the entry input. This hammer feature allows you to convert any currency into your own currency. It is even possible to change the amount any time, and to update the exchange rate online.

Another advantage is the new savings goals, which are easy to set up just like budgets. By using savings goals, you can easily see how much money you have saved, i.e. for a new car or for your summer vacation. As with budgets, the entries are automatically attributed to savings goals.

Another additional new function compares entries with given entry criteria in a chosen period (Example: Monthly comparisons of all cleared entries with the main category “Sports and Leisure” including all sub-categories in the current year) and portrays these visually. Customized statistics can be created this way.

These are just a few features of many new improvements. You can get more information on Settings > Current Version or Road Map in the app or here on the homepage.    

Do you want to change the app you are using, like Pennies, Money Coach, Meine Ausgaben, or MoneyControl? Then just export the complete data and transfer the generated CSV file to the app My Budget Book Pro Edition.

2017-10-31 : My Budget Book Pro Edition 5.0.2

This update includes stability improvements and bug fixes. If you compare this app with other comparable finance apps, you will see that our app offers by far the most features as well as giving you the best value for your money.


We have focused on the following topics in the new update:

  • The password was always reseted in the recovery
  • The entry criteria were no longer determind automatically at the time of entry
  • The documentarypostings were not shown in a light grey in certain views
  • Some CSV formats were adapted (DKB, Commerzbank, IngDiba, Berliner Sparkasse)
  • Small design adjustments & optimizations

We would very well appreciate if you enjoyed this version, stay with us as users and rate the app in the AppStore. The improvement and the maintenance of the app can only happen if it is accepted and if the fake, untrue ratings vanish. If you experience problems with the app, please do not give the app a negative rating immediately but contact us (info@onetwoapps.com). Unfortunately, we cannot read all reviews from across the globe. The problem is not solved this way.

2017-10-15 : My Budget Book Pro Edition 5.0.1

This update includes stability improvements and bug fixes. If you compare this app with other comparable finance apps, you will see that our app offers by far the most features as well as giving you the best value for your money.


We have focused on the following topics in the new update:

  • It existed a error in the advanced search
  • In the function 'advanced search' we now integrated the search 'postings with receipts'
  • It was not possible to move categories to 'A-Z' and to 'favorites'
  • It existed problems with the rapid entry, while defining a transfer
  • The CSV format from the app 'my expenses' is damaged, therefore it cannot be imported. We reacted to this situation with a workaround.
  • The widget was not updated, when the language has been changed.
  • In certain views the documentarypostings were not shown in light grey
  • Small design adjustments & optimizations

2017-10-08 : My Budget Book Pro Edition 5

We have improved the app with incremental features or extensions of existing features and hope, that you will be happy with this new version. 


We have focused on the following topics in the new update:

  • Optimizations for the new 64 bit operating system iOS 11
  • New pin code request – We have deactivated the current password! Please assign a new pin code!
  • Extension of the rapid entry feature including 75 new symbols
  • Rule wizard for CSV/Excel import
  • Faster data entry – dialogue does not automatically close
  • Small yet effective design alterations (Overview, budget)
  • Changes to the widget (You can specify between percentage or absolute figure displays)
  • Extension of the statistics by two new options
  • Extension of the search („contains“ and „does not contain“)
  • Support of incremental CSV formats (1822 direct, Bank Austria, ComDirect)
  • Small changes to the design & optimizations
  • Costumer requests

2017-09-12 : iOS 11 & 64 Bit

Our Apps are compatible with iOS 11 and were optimized for the 64 bit operating system. You can promptly switch and use our Apps. Please make sure to create an (external) backup in advance in the event of any problems during the installation process.

2017-10-08 : My Budget Book 4.8.1 & My Money 2017

This update includes minor stability and performance improvements. A few mistakes were fixed and accommodations to iOS 11 were carried out in addition. 


We have focused on the following topics in the new update:

  • Optimizations for the new 64 bit operating system iOS 11
  • New pin code request – We have deactivated the current password! Please assign a new pin code!
  • Support of incremental CSV formats (1822 direct, Bank Austria, ComDirect)
  • The internal CSV import & export was improved

2017-08-09 : My Budget Book 4.8

This update includes small improvements in stability and performance. In addition various errors were fixed and adaptations to iOS10 were carried out. Moreover, the CSV import was extended. Now we support additional banks and programs that provide CSV files.

2017-08-09 : My Budget Book Pro Edition 4.1

In this update, the Correction Assistant has been enhanced with several features for error analysis. Please support us in the analysis of errors and send us an e-mail with either an unencrypted pseudonymized file, current backup, complete database or error log. We will help us to troubleshoot problems and if necessary update the software or provide an error-correcting program coding. Furthermore, you can now close the View dialog window with just one click without confirming the selection. Some users have informed us about small problems with the internal "Checking account" and with the import of CSV files. We have made necessary changes regarding these issues and hope that the above problems have been resolved. Otherwise, the Correction Assistant provides great help in error identification and correction. Finally, it should be mentioned that the User Guide in English and German language was updated for the current release.

2017-07-23 : My Budget Book Pro Edition 4

In this update, we have focused on the app interface, added several additional options and made the existing functions even easier. The application offers a range of functions greater than most financial applications. Although, the app has a wide range of functions, it is easy to use.


Following changes were made in the latest application release:

  • To ensure you're getting the most out of using the application, please check our new guide "Getting Started with the App". Here you will find a brief explanation of how to use and configure the app. In addition, detailed instructions for use can be found in our comprehensive Online User Guide.
  • An overview of existing entries can now be displayed in 9 different ways. Presently, the entries have been grouped per day. In this new version, there are more presentation formats available, to obtain a clear picture of your overall financial situation. In addition, the small icons in the overview indicate whether it is a fixed entry (black/white icon) or a variable entry (white/black icon).
  • When importing data, you can now specify whether it is a fixed (recurring) or a variable (daily) entry.
  • We have improved statistical and budget reporting and made it even more efficient.
  • The core component of the app is its quick entry buttons. They enable you to create new entries very quickly. For this purpose, we have added 35 new icons (for example, furnishing, electricity, mortgage, New Year celebration, barbecue, kindergarten, homepage, bowling, dancing, parking ticket, motorway, fair, gifts, ...).
  • The "Advanced search", "Account statements" and "Reports" functions can now be customized. Depending on the function, you can set specific parameters such as a start date, an end date and select an account.
  • Before, all previous years have always been taken into account, in order to calculate the account balance. The release of the updated app allows you to specify a certain period of time. So that only records with date entries in the current year will be considered in the calculation.
  • The account selection option has been redesigned and now fits better with the overall context of the app.
  • Minor bug fixes

2017-06-01 : My Budget Book Pro Edition 3

Within this update we focused on the interface and on the export. The new settings are: “consider previous month” and “Consider future months”. Additional we distinguish between fix expenses like rent, power and insurance and variable expenses like cinema, grocery, newspaper and tickets. Resulting into the change and the unification of dialogs, export data and printouts. Besides numerous changes (like release plan), the statistics need to be highlighted. This dialog was completely changed to show exactly where the money was used for.

2017-02-06 : My Budget Book Pro Edition 2

This update further improves the application. Not many existing financial apps provide a comparable range of functions. Although the app comes with this wide range of functions it is still very intuitive to use. With the quick-entry symbols you have a powerful tool to make a booking with just 3 clicks. No application offers quicker data insertion. We work constantly to add missing functions and will provide updates regularly. Here you can find out more about the release.

The new update focuses onto the following topics:

  • Import of CSV files
  • Adaptions to iOS10.x
  • Everything regarding 'search & replace' of entries
  • Improvement of the functions: reportings & bank statements
  • Data correction and data reassessment
  • Small design adaptations
  • Customer wishes

More information is available through our app. The application contains the following topics:

  • Current version
  • Future version
  • All versions
  • Release plan
  • Current issues
  • Frequently asked question
  • Instruction

2017-01-08: My Year & My Contacts 2017- New Version 1.6 & 1.6.1

We renamed both apps (My Year & My Contacts for WhatsApp, ….) and fixed minor errors. In addition the apps are now compatible with iOS9 & iOS10.

2017-01-06: My Money 2017 (HD) – New Version 1.4

In this update we corrected various errors and extended the CSV import. Now we support additional banks and programs that provide CSV files.

2016-12-20: My Money 2017 (HD) – New Version 1.3 & 1.3.1

We updated both versions of the app (iPhone & iPad) and adapted the name to the new year of 2017. In the new version various errors were fixed and adaptations to iOS10 were carried out. We will continue to refine the app and incorporate new features in the upcoming year.

2016-11-29 : My Budget Book Pro Edition – New Version 1.1.2

We have fixed a minor error with the booking entry (tab 'Current'). Here you can learn more about the release.

2016-11-20 : My Budget Book Pro Edition – New Version 1.1.1

Unfortunately, some critical errors have pushed us to the decision to release the updata 1.1.1. Since we will be busy finishing version 1.2, we aim to solve these problems beforehand in order to enable flawless working with the app. Further information here.

2016-10-31 : My Budget Book Pro Edition – New Version 1.1

With this update we have fixed several minor bugs, implemented new functions and expanded the CSV import for several applications. Moreoer, you are now able to import data from 'My Budget Book' and continue working. Here you can find out more about the release.

2016-10-01 : Our new iMessage stickers are online!

With the new operating system iOs 10, users are now for the first time able to garnish their iMessage-messages with animated pictures and stickers.


The installed iMessager-apps can be found next to the input field in the chat. Next to the buttons which have already existed before (arrow to the right), the App Store button will be visible. This is where the apps are hiding. In order to install them, you need to tap the four dots on the bottom on the left side first of all and then the desired app icon can be selected. To install further iMessager apps, tap the “+ Store” symbol and the iMessager-store will open. Select "categories"on top and search for "onetwoapps". After that, all available packets will be displayed. Here you can find out more about our stickers.

2016-09-28 : My Budget Book Pro Edition – New Version 1.0

You think this app is helpful? Then please write a review or recommend the app to a friend.

We developed the app „My Budget Book“ further and released a new free pro version „My Budget Book Pro Edition“. With this free version you can only create 16 entries per month and you cannot use any export functions (Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF). These limitations can be removed permanently via In App Purchase (2,99 USD).


 It has a multitude of new functions. Additionally, the interface was restructured. Thereby, it can now be operated more intuitively and working with it is fun. New entries can be made quickly via self-defined hotkeys. For everyday expenditures you only need 3 clicks (e.g. purchasing a newspaper, buying a ticket, ordering a pizza, …). There is no quicker way to cover your expenditures. Convince yourself of the improved performance and just have a look at the app. Of course, both versions will be developed further. You can add the old backups to the pro version at any time. Further information here.

Enjoy the new version.

Support for the development

We would be pleased, if you support us (voluntary) with a fair and just assessment in the app store


A complex and expensive development only makes sense, if every user and not only the user with a negative attitude will evaluate the app. Unfortunately we receive some bad assessments, only because the icon may not be liked, or because of operating errors, or because of missing functions i never promised in this app. Even the smallest faults, misunderstood functions, or failures are evaluated with only one star ( which means a bad assessment).


After each release every user should or can leave a feedback in the app store, To support the further development we would be pleased for every fair assessment. Of course all errors will be fixed in the future and updates are provided free of charge. 

Thank you. 

Language Support

We would like to provide our app in additional languages. Should you have time and be interested, we would be happy if you translated our resource file (Excel) and the iTunes description (Word) into any language. Please write an e-mail to support@onetwoapps.com, so that we can discuss the process. Thank you!

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