In-app purchase, problems and solutions

We often receive messages from users reporting problems about the in-app purchases of the app. We would like to say a few words about this.


In the App Store, you can download our app for free, and you can try it. Then the usage is limited to 16 entries per month. If you like the app, you can cancel this restriction easily and permanently by an in-app purchase (premium update).


After two years of development and support, we decided to provide more functions as in-app (split entries, savings goals, comparisons and a currency converter) to ensure the further development of this great app.


To make an in-app purchase, you must authenticate yourself with your Apple ID. If there are any problems, make sure your payment details are updated. Also check the restrictions ("Settings"> "General"> "Restrictions"> "In-app purchases") on your device to make sure that in-app purchases are allowed. When the order is successful, Apple's application will inform you which function is going to be activated.


Another thing that can happen is that the functions of the app stay restricted. This is naturally very annoying for the user. Unfortunately, we are not able to help in most cases, because the entire payment transaction is handled by Apple. Neither the app nor we as developers have any influence on this complicated process. We can only suggest the following as a solution: Wait a while and try again later.


If you have already received the booking confirmation (via e-mail) from Apple, you can buy the product again, without hesitation. Apple will inform you that the item will be recovered and will not be billed again (if you pay with the same Apple ID) at the end of the ordering process. In any case, you will pay only once for each in-app product of ours. Even if you have more than one device connected with your Apple ID.


If you've performed a recovery from a backup or made in-app purchases in an app, and then deleted and reinstalled that app, you can restore those paid items. To do this, use the "Restore purchases" button. Our app gets the information from Apple, letting us know which functions should be unlocked.


We hope that we gave an understanding of this complicated process. You can be sure that Apple will only charge once for the purchased in-app products.