Version 5.0.1

Within the new version the following issues have been worked on:


The release will only fix major bugs and will not contain any new features.

  • It existed a error in the advanced search
  • In the function 'advanced search' we now integrated the search 'postings with receipts'
  • It was not possible to move categories to 'A-Z' and to 'favorites'
  • It existed problems with the rapid entry, while defining a transfer
  • The CSV format from the app 'my expenses' is damaged, therefore it cannot be imported. We reacted to this situation with a workaround.
  • The widget was not updated, when the language has been changed.
  • In certain views the documentarypostings were not shown in light grey
  • Small design adjustments & optimizations

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In contrast to many other app developers, we improve the app continuously and have been updating the app for years free of charge. Many requests and suggestions by our users have been considered so far. We will continue to include the suggestions of our customers and we will also keep developing the app in order to provide all features of the operating system. This is the unique selling proposition of this app!