Within the new version the following issues have been worked on:


The release will only fix major bugs and will not contain any new features (such as CSV support, etc.).

  • You can create recurring entries in the main dialogues again. In the administration (settings), no problems occurred (bug fix).
  • Payment types can be created and changed again (bug fix).  
  • In some dialogues keyboard navigation was flawed (bug fix).
  • In the overview, menu function „advanced search“ could not be retrieved (bug fix).
  • 31st of October is being displayed properly on iPads (bug fix).
  • Quick-entries were deleted if the respective single entry was deleted (bug fix)
  • A direct access to the app rating (AppStore) is back. Please use this feature to promote (free) development. Nobody is helped if the app is rated one star although it is used. We do not appreciate comments that use terms such as „rip-off“, „criminals“, „costs money“. Rather contact us beforehand to solve the problem. This app is a development from the app „My Budget Book“. Of course, some functions are the same, but after 4 years of programming & maintenance & support, we had to re-program some things. This app has ca. 50 new features compared to the old app (which is still supported). Nobody is forced to switch apps. You can test the new app for free and decide whether to purchase the premium edition. This is not a rip-off and, most certainly, not criminal activity.

Don’t forget to rate us in the App Store if you like our app! You can rate 'Mein Haushaltsbuch Pro Edition' after every update. It is much appreciated!


In contrast to many other app developers, we improve the app continuously and have been updating the app for years free of charge. Many requests and suggestions by our users have been considered so far. We will continue to include the suggestions of our customers and we will also keep developing the app in order to provide all features of the operating system. This is the unique selling proposition of this app!