Within the new version the following issues have been worked on:


  • Do you want to transfer your data from the app ‘My Budget Book’ / ‘My Money’? Please follow these steps:
  • Create a local backup easily and connect the device to your computer.
  • Open iTunes and click Apps on the left side (settings).
  • On the right side (apps), all shared apps are displayed in shared data.
  • After clicking on the app 'My Budget Book', you will see the current backup (*.MHC) in documents.
  • Save this file locally on your computer (button 'Save as') or drag & drop the file onto your desktop.
  • Click on the app 'My Budget Book Pro Edition' and add this file (button 'add') or drag & drop the backup file.
  • Finally, start the new app and import the file under settings/recovery. Done. 


  • There was a problem with the Start Date option in the 'Current' view. It affected the Today widget as well.
  • The 'Search & Replace' command in the 'Current' view was too long for the 3-button bar below.
  • When you call the 'Search & Replace' function, now you can also set the 'fixed entry' feature if you are looking for expenses, not for recurring entries or split entries.
  • During fast input, intended gaps were filled in automatically so the order has been changed.
  • The menu item 'Entries with Notes' was available twice in the 'Advanced Search' function.
  • Now in the 'Goals' view, you can select the detailed or the compact display with a left or right wipe with your finger on the amount display below.
  • You were no longer able to switch to the 'Current version' or the 'Future version' to be informed about the new features.
  • The correction assistant has been revised again and pseudonymizes further user input, so you can leave your backup file to us without hesitation. This gives us the opportunity to recreate the error that has occurred with your data on our system and to correct it if required. This is a unique feature designed to make the app more stable and secure.
  • We have included the CSV format of the 'Outbank' app. Set the format to 'Outbank' and then select the file. The first day is used for the category, the second day for the group and the third day for the person.

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In contrast to many other app developers, we improve the app continuously and have been updating the app for years free of charge. Many requests and suggestions by our users have been considered so far. We will continue to include the suggestions of our customers and we will also keep developing the app in order to provide all features of the operating system. This is the unique selling proposition of this app!