Test the app and the description. Very few financial apps are as comprehensive and intuitive as ours. Partially, you only need 3 clicks for data insertion. 


With this app, you are having control over your income and your expenses. It is a daily fun to work with this app. Through the self-defined shortcuts, only a few clicks are required to create income and expenses (for example bakers, traffic, lunch…). There are not many other apps that are as extensive and comfortable like this one. Convince yourself.


Split the entry into configurable main and sub categories, payments, persons, groups and accounts. Use those criteria to calculate extensive statistics. With extensive search functions, entries can be found easily. Place proves (invoice and receipts) at your entries.


Manage your standing orders to already have an overview of your balance of the next months. Standing entries (weekly, monthly, etc) are created once and added automatically. Have yourself reminded when an entry is due.                                              


Cover standing or singular budgets for arbitrary criteria. Your budgets will be automatically calculated with existing entries. You will see how simple and comfortable this function is. Move the budgets e.g. in order of priority.


Adjust the app exactly to your needs by using the numerous settings. You can set the start of a month (for example starting at the or you can set how the app shall react at the start of the program. Several similar apps only support one display. You can choose how the previous or the future month shall be treated.


Protect sensitive data via PIN code or simply via Touch-ID. No data is saved on third party servers. No registration is needed. Through PIN protection delay you can ensure that you do not have to enter your PIN whenever switching between programs.


The detailed statistics and evaluations show for what you spent your money. Find where you left your money. Filter your revenues and expenditures by months, quarters or whole years and further arbitrary criteria. By this, you have control of your revenues and expenditures!


Export and import your encrypted backups. Save your encrypted data in the iCloud and transfer it to another device. Use this function to make sure that no data is lost. Save your data outside your device.


Print all documents and graphics directly from the app. For this, you need a printer that is equipped with AirPrint. There also is the possibility to select the language of the app and to select sounds for miscellaneous actions.


Export your selected data to Excel or in a CSV, PDF or HTML file. If you wish, we make your data available for other programs (e.g. Excel). By this, this app offers more than many other programs. You always have your data in control and can use it outside the app.


Import your account statements from a CSV or Excel file via iTunes or directly via email attachment. If your bank is not supported, simply send us an email with the name of you institute and a sample CSV file. Through the Excel export and import we have created an interface to the outside that is available in only few apps.


If there are any problems with the program or you have suggestions for improvements, use the included feedback function or visit our homepage There you can find much information and remain up-to-date. Unfortunately, we cannot highlight all functions here.