Test the app and the description. Very few financial apps are as comprehensive and intuitive as ours. Partially, you only need 3 clicks for data insertion. 




• universal app for iPhone and iPad

• supports 3D Touch and Today Widget for quick entries

• password protection via PIN code and Touch-ID (including entering delay)

• use Quick Actions for super quick data collection

• save your encrypted data in the iCloud

• transfer your complete data to another iOS device via iCloud at the push of a button

• define the beginning of the month according to your incoming salary (e.g. 1st or 15th)

• change the system language within the app

• transfer of data from the app 'My Budget Book'. 




• unlimited number of accounts

• accounts can be deactivated and prioritized

• entering of initial account balance and standard values for entry creation 




• revenues, expenditures, transfers between the different accounts

• automatic completion of the entry

• division of the entries by means of freely combinable main and sub-categories, payment types, persons and groups

• main and sub-categories can be removed or changed

• administration of freely definable templates

• standing orders (weekly, monthly, …) are created once and automatically added

• marking of entries (tagged respectively cleared)

• save vouchers as photos

• have yourself reminded when an entry is due

• create documentation entries that have no influence on your balance



• cover standing orders or singular entries for arbitrary time periods, accounts, payment types, categories, persons and groups

• easily configurable administration – extremely flexible

• budgets can be deactivated and prioritized

• entries are automatically referred to the right budget

• transfer of the balance of the preceding time period

• displaying of budget overrun




• comprehensive balance statements, statistics, analyses, and diagrams

• support of monthly and up-to-date views (including balances of the following months)

• comprehensive search function (including search & replace)

• print all data directly from the app via AirPrint




• configurable export of data into the target format: Excel/Numbers, CSV, PDF and HTML

• access to the exported data via iTunes or email sending

• creation of templates (CSV & Excel) for data import




• import your account statements from a CSV or Excel file. Either via iTunes or directly via Email Attachment


If your bank is not supported, send us an email with the name of the institution and a sample CSV file. Please make personal data unrecognizable without changing the formatting.




Questions, criticism, or suggestions? Simply send us an email. You can leave us a message on our feedback page ( and to discuss with other users. We are pleased about every message and are glad to help.