Version 4.6

Within the new version the following issues have been worked on:

3D touch > Quick actions

One can now call up Quick Actions via 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, to set up new bookings for expenses, earnings and transfers directly.

Minor bug fixes & enhancements

Some mistakes were fixed and accommodations to iOS9 were carried out.


There were especially problems with older appliances (iPhone 4s), where it was not possible to open the menu properly. This mistake was fixed.


The next update (4.7) is going to support further CVS-Formats to import banking information. We unfortunately could not include this in the new version (4.6), because of time reasons.

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We make a great effort to implement many customer wishes and to offer technical support. Since 3 years we develop the app continuously, and offer new versions free of charge to regular customers.


We are irritated about the fact that a few users are trying to put us under pressure by posting negative ratings regarding our application. Of course, our app is hardly perfect for every single user. However, we have been working hard and at no charge for our existing customers and users for a period of over three years. Sadly, it seems that our effort is not appreciated.


Developing an application is very cost-intensive. Whereas for other developers some working steps might constitute trivialities, hiring a number of translators, paying a graphic designer or investing our own time for programming our application is both demanding and challenging. Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of users does not appreciate the amount of work that must be covered by a price of two Euro that may be charged for an app.

We most often receive comments and ratings like the following:

  • "I expect you to correct the defect within a few days. Otherwise I will buy another app and leave you with a negative rating."

  • "I did pay for this app. That is why you are obliged to integrate the features I wish for. I will file a complaint with Apple.
  • "I know some programming myself. I know that it is simple to integrate this function. I can not understand your problem with succeeding with this."

Some users claim that we do not provide any support service. We can not and do not agree to those rumours. We actually wonder whether any other large IT-companies respond to as many mails as we do. Whenever our respond comes with a small delay, that is due to the large amount of mails and request we try to answer in a timely manner. Hence, we apologize for any delays. Furthermore, we regularly post relevant information directly on this website. Please refer to our website first in order to find relevant information on our app.


The progress in developing our app is closely linked with our numbers of sales. As many users post negative ratings because of missing features or minor defects, sales will go back and hence further development will stagnate. Ratings should refer to the product alone and should not be motivated by other personal reasons. If you do like our app, we will be very grateful for your positive rating. You can support us by separately posting positive ratings for every released new update. Our competitors operate the same way and post negative ratings!!!