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If things have to move quickly... You know the situation: you have to give somebody a call or send a text message very quickly, but searching for the contact information costs a lot of time. It is exactly in these situations, in which the app is a great aid.


The only thing you have to do is install the app and take a few minutes to complete the configuration. You´ll see how fast you can give somebody a call or send a message to a person in different ways. Entering contacts is facilitated by a clear user interface.

You can assign a photo to each person and change the size of profile photos. For contact photos, there are over 40 predefined images available. You also can designate photos from your smartphone camera, of course.

TouchID support and PIN request round off the app´s features.


The app requires at least the operating system iOS 8.0    


2017-01-12 : New Version 1.6 & 1.6.1

We renamed the app (My Contacts for WhatsApp) and fixed minor errors. In addition the app is adapted to iOS10.


You think this app is helpful? Then please write a review or recommend the app to a friend.

Enjoy the new version.

2016-01-10 : New Version 1.5

We undertook small improvements and error corrections.




You have the opportunity to open your predefined contacts (max. 12 contacts) very fast with the widget.


Open you message service center and add the included widget by pressing on "editing". Postpone the widget to the desired position and end the editing.


Depending on the device (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) you can choose between the following types: telephone, WhatsApp, SMS/message, e-mail.


Click on one of the icons and it will be connected within the blink of an eye.



You can manage your most important contacts with the app. 

Easily add a new entry with the plus-symbol or click on an existing entry to edit.


You can change the order of your contacts with the pencil icon.


If you swipe from right to left on an entry, the menu with further functions (execute, edit, copy, activate or deactivate, delete) will be opened.


You can go to the settings via the upper icon on the left.




If you want to add a new contact or revise an existing one, please enter the name and the telephone number or e-mail address.


An image can be added to every contact. The following sources are available:


- Camera roll

- Camera

- predefined thumbnails




For important contacts (e.g. emergency call, work, taxi, ...) you'll be provided with various images.


If you have any requests or suggestions, feel free to send us an e-mail.



You can create backups via settings or you can copy all data on another system manually. Therefore you need to create an iCloud-backup and invoke the iCloud-recovery on another device. All contacts (incl. image) will be transferred to the second device. This action is not executed automatically (iCloud-sync).


The app was optimised for the iPhone6 (Plus) or for the operating system iOS8. The application is protected against unauthorised persons by PIN request or TouchID (starting with the iPhone5s).


Our App is available in many languages; choose between German, English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.


We would like to provide our app in additional languages. Should you have time and be interested, we would be happy if you translated our resource file (Excel) and the iTunes description (Word) into any language. Please write an e-mail to, so that we can discuss the process. Thank you!



Should you miss any other functions or find a mistake, please contact us ( or directly send a message using the app.


Please do not write any premature ratings or add questions to your ratings. Since we cannot read all ratings, those questions often do not reach us. Furthermore, we cannot answer them this way. Many misunderstandings can be resolved via e-mail. We also ask you to report small programming mistakes to us, so that we can do our best to fix them. In the past, some mistakes also occurred because Apple made changes to the program. Thank you for your understanding! After all, no software is 100% flawless...


First moments with the app (video)

Support for the development

We would be pleased, if you support us with a fair and just assessment in the app store


A complex and expensive development only makes sense, if every user and not only the user with a negative attitude will evaluate the app. Unfortunately we receive some bad assessments, only because the icon may not be liked, or because of operating errors, or because of missing functions i never promised in this app. Even the smallest faults, misunderstood functions, or failures are evaluated with only one star ( which means a bad assessment).


After each release every user should or can leave a feedback in the app store, To support the further development we would be pleased for every fair assessment. Of course all errors will be fixed in the future and updates are provided free of charge. 


Thank you. 

Language Support

We would like to provide our app in additional languages. Should you have time and be interested, we would be happy if you translated our resource file (Excel) and the iTunes description (Word) into any language. Please write an e-mail to, so that we can discuss the process. Thank you!

Feedback & Support

Do you have any questions, suggestions or criticism? Please send us an e-mail. On our feedback page you have the possibility to leave a message, or to discuss with other users. We are pleased about any message, we are at hand to help.


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