Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question: Do I have to enter any access data (e-mail account, ...) to use the app?

Answer: You don't have to enter personal data, because the app is using standard functions (e.g. mail, SMS, web, ...) of iOS.

Question: Is my data secure?

Answer: All of the data remains on the device. No data will be sent secretly. You have a 100 percent level of control over it. You can delete the whole database via settings. Please read our data privacy statement.

Question: Which message types are currently supported?

Answer: Currently you can predefine e-mails, SMS and WhatsApp-messages, save telephone numbers and open web sites. If you get a notification on the due date, the according standard-iOS-application (e.g. e-mail, SMS, telephone, WhatsApp) will be started and the saved message will be used, the telephone number will be called or the web site will be opened.


Question: Can the app be secured via PIN code?

Answer: Starting with version 1.1 there will be a PIN-/TouchID- request. TouchID requires the operating system iOS8.


Question: iOS 8 supports interactive notifications. Will this feature be supported?

Answer: Starting with version 1.1 this iOS8-function will be supported, too.

Question: There are some problems with iCloud. Are you familiar with that?

Answer: There are some problems because of the switch from iCloud to CloudDrive. But we are working on this!!! We apologize for the inconvenience.

Question: Can I create my own template?

Answer: Within the version 1.0 there only are predefined templates. But we are working on the template management (see release schedule).

Question: Is this application planned for the Mac as well?

Answer: First of all we want to install the new functions. But in principle we don't negate it. Though there's nothing planned up to version 1.3.

Question: Is this app available for Android as well?

Answer: Currently this app is not available for Android. We firstly focus on the iOS-version to install all features.

Question: Why do users always write untrue or weird AppStore-feedback?

Answer: There are many reasons for users to do that. But we don't really fancy competitors or smartypants. The development of an application costs a lot of money (graphics, translator, copywriter, working hours, ...). If the critics are justified, we are gladly willing to accept it. But texts like "The app twists when overturning the iPhone (1-Star)" or "I have never seen as much self-promotion (1-Star)" are ridiculous and untrue. An app that costs less then 0,3l of beer needs to be funded first. Almost every game has this kind of self-promotion and it's not disturbing, because it is listed at the bottom of the settings. We try to correct the errors that were mentioned as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the review-process of the equipment supplier takes almost 2 weeks. Also it would be great, if questions weren't embedded in the feedback. Please just send us an e-mail via the application. But also be aware, that we cannot always reply immediately. We don't have a 24h-hotline. Besides that, there are weekends, public holidays and holidays of course. We are glad about every reasonable (1-5 Stars) feedback. We gladly thank you for those by providing the free advancement. Thank you.