Version 1.1

Within the new version the following issues have been worked on:

1. WhatsApp-Integration    


You can now send terminated (recurring) WhatsApp-messages on the iPhone.

Starting with version 1.1 it will be possible to send WhatsApp-messages alongside e-mail, SMS, telephone or a local notification. Therefore you choose the type "WhatsApp" for entering and enter the recipient and the due date. The properties don't differ from the other message types (SMS, e-mail, ...). If the due date is met, WhatsApp will be started with the predefined message.    

2. New view on "Calendar"

A new calendar-view is added to the latest version. All events are highlighted in colours and are listed below.    

You have the opportunity to easily modify an event (Click on an entry in the table below) or to create a new event on the chosen date.    

3. PIN request    

Another new feature is the PIN request to protect the data against third parties. You have the opportunity to enter a personal PIN code or to use the password of your device or to use TouchID.

You can find the management of the PIN request in the settings under options.    


You can set the amount of failed attempts to login via the parameter "interlock". If that number is exceeded, you will have to wait for a calculated while, until you can try to login again.

4. Web-Browser    


On events with the type "web" you won't be lead out of the app, but an integrated browser will be opened.    

5. Interactive notifications    


Since iOS8 interactive notifications are supported, which means you can be responsive to those via the message center or the lock screen, without having to open the app.

6. Widgets

In iOS8 Apple extends its operating system by widgets, that are added to the today-tab of the notification center and displayed there.

The widget shows the latest three entries. You will be directed to the app by one click on an entry. The layout refers to the list in Remind Me Again.

7. Graphics - optimised for the new iPhone 6 (Plus)    

All graphics were optimised for the new iPhone 6 (Plus).

We are currently working on further functions... If you have suggestions or tips on improvement, we'd be glad to receive them.