OneTwoApps Bundle 3

In this bundle, the OneTwoApps team compiled two helpful apps to make your smartphone an all-round widget in everyday life. In contrast to many other apps, our apps get further developed and we have been releasing free updates for years. Many requests and suggestions by our users have been considered so far. We will continue to include the suggestions of our customers and we will also keep developing the app in order to provide all features of the operating system. 

Forgot a friend´s or your aunt´s birthday? That surely did happen to every single one of us. Thanks to the app "365 days - All important appointments at a glance" (iPhone/iPad), such slip-ups belong to the past. Just enter important events into the app. Then you can compose designated messages that arrive lagged, if desired. It doesn´t matter if you want to do this via WhatsApp, mail or text-message or if you rather want to make a personal call. A provided widget gives an overview over upcoming events.

"My Contacts for WhatsApp, Email, Message, Phone" (iPhone/iPad) is the second app in the bundle. The application frees you from searching for contacts too long. Previously set important persons are just one click away and can be reached even more quickly.

This bundle allows a discount of 50% compared to the purchase of the apps individually.    

Have fun with the bundle!