We offer the following apps for the operating system iOS:

iMessage Sticker

With the new operating system iOs 10, users are now for the first time able to garnish their iMessage-messages with animated pictures and stickers. Here you can find out more about our stickers.

My Budget Book Pro Edition (iPhone/iPad)

This new app is a further development of the all-round app “My Budget Book” and has a flat menu structure and a nice elaborate interface. Due to various user requests, we reprogrammed parts of the app and added many improvements (i. a. new Today Page, flat menu structure, more comfortable management, more extensive account administration, adding vouchers and reminders, documentation bookings, quick entries via hotkeys, language switching, PIN protection delay, Excel import/export, creation of Excel and CSV templates, searching, searching & replacing, advanced searching, evaluation, more comfortable sorting and displaying options, …).


Due to the multitude of modifications, we decided to release a free pro version and simultaneously develop the established app “My Budget Book” further.


With this free version you can only create 16 entries per month and you cannot use any export functions (Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF). These limitations can be removed permanently via In App Purchase (2,99 USD).


This app can be presented in German and English. Further languages are to follow.

My Budget Book (iPhone/iPad)

This universal app (iPhone & iPad) has been continually developed further since 2012 and, ever since its introduction, can be found among the Top10 apps. With the multitude of incorporated functions it is easy to gain an overview over daily income and expenses. This version has been adjusted to the operating system iOS7 (Design), iOS8 (TouchID & Widget) and will become even more sophisticated in the future. 

My Contacts for WhatsApp,Email,SMS,Phone

If things have to move quickly... You know the situation: you have to give somebody a call or send a text message very quickly, but searching for the contact information costs a lot of time. It is exactly in these situations, in which the app "My Contacts" is a great aid.


The only thing you have to do is install the app and take a few minutes to complete the configuration. You´ll see how fast you can give somebody a call or send a message to a person in different ways. Entering contacts is facilitated by a clear user interface.


The app requires at least the operating system iOS 8.0

My 365 days (iPhone/iPad)

With My  365 days, any important event (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, …) can be defined and provided with a previously defined e-mail, text message, telephone number, website address or intern notification. When the due date has passed, you will receive a message so that you can send the previously defined e-mail or text message with one click. Alternatively, the telephone number is dialled or the website accessed. These events may be created periodically or only once. The app is completed with a display of all events and shows the remaining days until the due date nicely. With its modern interface and simple operation, this app is a perfect companion and a great addition to you daily life. Invest just 30 minutes of your time and you will never forget sending birthday or holiday wishes again.

My Money 2017 by OneTwoApps (iPhone)

This app is an enhanced version of the universal app “My Budget Book” and is specifically designed for the new operating system and the lean design. We have incorporated several new features through re-programming and have considered user suggestions. The variety of changes made us release a new iPhone app; the established app “My Budget Book” is still developed simultaneously.


My Money 2017 HD by OneTwoApps (iPad)

The developed a special version of “My Money 2017” in order to make it usable on the iPad. This app is available separately in the app store.

Problem!Wohnung (iPhone / German)

Problem!Wohnung allows you to elegantly control network-compatible devices (switches, dimmers, heating, …) with the iTouch or iPad. There is a multitude of solutions in this area (e.g. Homematic, KNX, etc.). Most of these are, however, quite expensive or are controlled through a PC. My solution requires nothing but a small control centre and the necessary components (switches, dimmers, ...). Controlling all ceiling lamps in a four-room flat, for example, would cost about 300€ with the FS20-system and about 500€ with Homematic. Prices for a KNX-system exceed several thousand €! This is why my product is especially attractive (to homepage).

New austerity packages

We offer our apps in three different packages. Depending on the package you can save up to 50 %.

➤ My contacts for WhatsApp, email, SMS, telephone (iPhone/iPad)

➤ My 365 days (iPhone/iPad)

This bundle is 50% cheaper compared to purchasing the apps separately.

➤ My Budget Book (iPhone/iPad)

➤ My Money 2017 by OneTwoApps (iPhone)

➤ My contacts for WhatsApp, email, SMS, telephone (iPhone/iPad)  

 ➤ My 365 days (iPhone/iPad)

This bundle is 33% cheaper compared to purchasing the apps separately.

➤ My Budget Book (iPhone/iPad)

➤ My Money 2017 HD by OneTwoApps (iPad)

➤ My contacts (iPhone/iPad)

 ➤ My 365 days (iPhone/iPad)

This bundle is 40% cheaper compared to purchasing the apps separately.

Problem!Fitness (iPhone / German)

Problem!Fitness is a user-friendly iPhone app for managing your body and fitness values. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, with this app you are in control. Pick your personal goal, enter your weight and/or other body measurements and track your progress with the help of various diagrams and tables. All measured values refer to the user and can be displayed over a period of time. This allows users to keep an overview over their fitness levels. Additionally, a help system was built in, which displays necessary information (incl. diagrams).